18 Mighty Mountain Warriors
The Compleat New-Material Presentations and Feature Shows
Details including director and actors!
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AArisings III
In Deep Shabu Shabu
Notice How She's Her Gaits but a Limply Gallop
Wumpa Wumpa meets Le Shank Hawai'i
Forget Tattoos & Body Piercing, Get an Epicanthic Fold
Sex, Guns & Hello Kitty: What a Hell Did I Got in America?
The 8:47pm Show: What do you mean Noh Space? There's Plenty of Space!
The 18 Mighty Mountain Warriors Journey to the West
Fatty Cat Pippi Bites the Navel

The Rough Edge Writers, the predecessor to the 18mmw, was formed around May of 1994.  Our first couple of performances were done at the Asian American Theater Company at showcase events.  On stage, we billed ourselves as the "AATC Players," a generic name that some of our members had utilized before in past showcases.  The original charter members of the Rough Edge Writers were Harold S. Byun, Michael Chih Ming Hornbuckle, Miyuki Fujii, Leonora Legaspi, Michael Premsrirat, and Eveline Wu.   Both Leonora Legaspi and Eveline Wu left the Rough Edge Writers after our first couple of meetings.

(Asian American Theater Company, Main Stage, 1994)
Note:  The AARisings showcases had been one of our main performing arenas in our previous incarnations. First as the "AATC Players" in AARisings I at AATC (July 31, 1993), then as "Godzilla Theater" in AARisings II at the Cowell Theater (Nov 1993, where we premiered "A John Woo Family Dinner for the very first time).  After we had established the Rough Edge Writers comedy writing group in May 1994, we appeared on stage once again as the "AATC Players." At this point in the group's evolution, we met primarily as a writing group, whose writers also doubled as performers.

(July 23, 1994)
3 Asian Guys by Michael Chih Ming Hornbuckle
Synopsis: 3 ordinary Asian guys talking about being an ordinary Asian guy.
Directed by Diane Takei
    Yato Yoshida
    Grant Imahara
    Michael Chih Ming Hornbuckle

The Institute by Grant Imahara
Synopsis: An ad from the Lactose Intolerance Institute, from our premiere "poo poo" writer, Grant Imahara.
    Yato Yoshida
    Harold Byun
    Grant Imahara
    Susan Wan

(July 30, 1994)
Supercops by Harold Byun
Synopsis: A takeoff on those real-life police video shows. This one focuses on cops who don't do anything constructive.
    Grant Imahara
    Michael Chih Ming Hornbuckle
    Beverly Sotello

Genius, Pure & Simple by Michael Chih Ming Hornbuckle
Synopsis: 2 excellent and pretty actors brag about their talents. The 1st genuine bomb in the history of Godzilla/AATC players/Rough Edge Writers. This skit established that Yato Yoshida and Harold Byun had no acting chemistry together, which became a running joke for years.
Directed by Pamela Wu
    Harold Byun
    Yato Yoshida

(Asian American Theater Company, 2nd Stage Sept 20-21 1994)
TITLE NOTE: None at this time.
Directed by Marc Hayashi
Cast:  Harold Byun, Nicole Higashi, Michael Chih Ming Hornbuckle, Grant Imahara, Peter Kim, Jennie S. Yee, Yato Yoshida, Greg Watanabe, Pearl Wong
Writers: Harold Byun, Valiant Chow, Isaac Ho, Michael Chih Ming Hornbuckle, Michael Premsrirat, Yato Yoshida
Board Operator: Valiant Chow
Note: Our first feature production. Before this show, we had to decide on a name for the acting component of the Rough Edge Writers comedy writing group. We didn't want to call ourselves the "AATC Players" since that was just a temporary name we used for the AARisings showcases while we were still developing. We didn't want to call ourselves "The Rough Edge Writers" since people might think we were only writers. We had to come up with something more catchy. In August, we decided to call ourselves "The 18 Mighty Mountain Warriors," after a skit one of us had written (which, incidentally, was a takeoff on the Chinese novel "Water Margin").  This then, was the first official production of the 18 Mighty Mountain Warriors.
    Please note that we held auditions for female performers for this show.  Because Leonora Legaspi and Eveline Wu had left the group a couple of months previously, we were short on both female writers and performers. From this audition, Rania Ho was brought into the group, but because of a planned trip to Chicago, was not able to participate in "In Deep Shabu Shabu."  Also auditioning were Jennie S. Yee (who appeared in our first show only) and Corinne Chooey (who appeared in our 2nd show).  Pearl Wong was asked to perform by Marc Hayashi. Interestingly, Pearl was present at the auditions, but only as a chaperone. After filling in to read a couple of skits, Marc liked her enough that he asked her to perform.

Music, Please by Yato Yoshida
Harold Byun
Yato Yoshida
Synopsis: 2 Dueling Samurai make their entraces based thematically on the type of music playing.
Note: This skit was cut from the lineup during rehearsal because the director thought it wasn't clicking, thus perpetuating the ongoing joke that Byun and Yoshida had no acting chemistry together onstage.

Return to Sender by Isaac Ho
Synopsis:  An old-fashioned Chinese mother returns her son because he doesn't act traditional enough.
    Mrs. Lee: Michael Chih Ming Hornbuckle
    Bobby: Greg Watanabe
    Dr. Lee: Yato Yoshida
    New Bobby: Grant Imahara

Sex on the Brain by Yato Yoshida
Synopsis: A retarded young man discusses sex with a female friend.
    Pearl Wong
    Michael Chih Ming Hornbuckle

Chinatown Gang Member Tapes by Michael Chih Ming Hornbuckle
Synopsis: A commerical parody selling Chinese gang curses on tape for those times when your voice gives out.
    Narrator: Grant Imahara
    Gang Member 1: Harold Byun
    Gang Member 2: Pete Kim

True Dedication by Harold Byun
Synopsis:  A couple break up over dinner.
    Peter: Yato Yoshida
    Sally: Jennie S. Yee

Bedtime Story by Harold Byun
Synopsis: Parents tell their child an unusual bedtime story.
    Pop: Pete Kim
    Mom: Nicole Higashi
    Johnny: Yato Yoshida

Crackers by Michael Premsrirat
Synopsis: Racisco Co. president solicit's ideas for product names that aren't offensive.
    President: Pete Kim
    Krapowski: Harold Byun
    Michael Chih Ming Hornbuckle
    Lois Lew: Jennie S. Yee
    Payabyab: Pearl Wong
    Blaine Hayakawa: Grant Imahara

Blaine Asakawa's Self Defense Class  by Michael Premsrirat
Synopsis: A Japanese American teaches Japanese nationals the finer points of survival in the deadly United States.
Note: Though we were not soliciting feedback from the audience at this time, it could be argued that this was the best new piece of this show. It currently is a mainstay in our "greatest hits" lineup.  At the time this skit was written, Japanese nationals were being killed at an alarming rate in the U.S.
    Blaine Asakawa: Harold Byun
    Yumi: Grant Imahara
    Yuri: Jennie S. Yee
    Yuki: Nicole Higashi

A John Woo Family Dinner by Valiant Chow
Note: John Woo was arguably one of the best received pieces form the old Godzilla Theater days. It was decided to use this piece to close this and future new material shows so that each new material show closed with a bang. John Woo, over the course of the next couple of years, became known as our signature piece, and was referred to by some of us as our "cult classic."
    John Woo: Grant Imahara
    Greg: Greg Watanabe
    Victor: Michael Chih Ming Hornbuckle
    Barney: Harold Byun
    Sally: Nicole Higashi
    Marsha: Jennie S. Yee

Note: These were audio skits recorded on tape. There has always been a controversy surrounding the use of these skits. One camp claims these radio skits, played anywhere, kill the momentum of a show. The other camp claims these radio skits were short enough (about 1 minute each) that they entertained audiences between skits.

18 Mighty Mountain Warriors by Michael Chih Ming Hornbukcle
Synopsis: The original skit from which the group got it's name. A parody of the Chinese novel "Water Margin."

18 Mighty Mountain Warriors Go Shopping by Yato Yoshida
Synopsis: A sequel to the previous skit. This time the 18mmw go shopping.

This is a Test by Yato Yoshida
Synopsis: A parody of the emergency broadcast system tests.

Starvation by Michael Chih Ming Hornbuckle
Synopsis: A commercial parody. A housewife balances her budget by starving her family.

(Asian American Theater Company, January 12-14, 19-21 1995)
    TITLE NOTE: This title was actually a line from one of our "group skit" experimental writing sessions. We'd all sit around a lap top and churn out a skit round-robin style. This title was proposed by Isaac Ho who probably originated the type as well.
Directed by Michael Torres
    Note: We had asked Marc Hayashi to direct us again for this production, but he had already gone onboard as director for Diane Yen-Mei Wong's "Happy Birthday," an AATC spring 1995 production. Michael Torres was our next choice. A good director who had done some work with Culture Clash in the past and who had worked with some of us previously in the New Godzilla Theater Workshop.
    Cast: Corinne Chooey, Isaac Ho, Rania Ho, Nicole Higashi, Michael Chih Ming Hornbuckle, Pete Kim, Todd Nakagawa, Pearl Wong, Peter Wong, Yato Yoshida.
    Note:  Harold Byun, Grant Imahara, Greg Watanabe took a leave of absence from this show. Greg was cast in "The Caucasian Chalk Circle" at the Berkeley Repertory Theatre. Harold and Grant were both traumatized so much from the last show that they needed a break.  On the plus side, Rania Ho joined us on the acting and writing end upon her return to Chicago.  Todd Nakagawa and Pete Wong, former members of Godzilla who had just recently appeared with another AA comedy group, Tsukemono Variety Performers, also began acting with 18mmw with this show. Corinne Chooey's involvement was minimal because she was commuting from Los Angeles for these rehearsals. She eventally wound up performing only 2 nights of a 6 show run.
Writers: Valiant Chow, Miyuki Fujii, Isaac Ho, Rania Ho, Michael Chih Ming Hornbuckle, Michael Premsrirat, Yato Yoshida
Note: Miyuki Fujii, one of our charter members, began writing for 18mmw on this show. She had previously been busy with "Waking the Red Dragon," a production of the AATC women's workshop which she had founded.

Sex Therapist by Michael Premsrirat
Synopsis:  Lonnie Nishimoto, chronic masturbator, seeks sexual help from sex therapist Minerva Hong.
    Minerva Hong: Pearl Wong
    Lonnie Nishimoto: Michael Chih Ming Hornbuckle
    Ramon: Pete Kim

Michael Douglas Show by Michael Chih Ming Hornbuckle
Synopsis: At the time this skit was written, Michael Douglas had been involved in a series of movies that might be construed as "Asian Bashing:"   The premise of this skit is that Douglas has his own talk show and literally bashes Asians every week.  Author's Note: This skit was fingered out as one that portrayed Vietnamese Americans as the "bad Asians," when we performed it at Pomona College Fall 1995. After pondering this, I had to agree, and removed the reference to Vietnamese from the skit. Shortyly after, the skit was removed from our "Greatest Hits" lineup because it was becoming out-dated and there were better skits being written.
    Michael Douglas: Michael Chih Ming Hornbuckle
    Connie Chung: Pearl Wong
    Ken Kashiwihara: Yato Yoshida
    BD Wong: Isaac Ho
    Bolo: Pete Wong
    Gang Members: Pete Kim, Corinne Chooey

Fuzzy by Isaac Ho
Synopsis: A classic enigmatic Ho piece where characters ruminate on a mysterious item.
   Directed by Yato Yoshida
    Pearl Wong
    Todd Nakagawa

Dance with Me I by Isaac Ho
Synopsis: A classic Ho wordless piece where 2 characters dance on stage.
    Dancer 1: Michael Chih Ming Hornbuckle
    Dancer 2: Isaac Ho

G.l. Joe by Michael Premsrirat
Synopsis: The return of Mrs. Lee from "Return to Sender," this time written by another writer. In this episode, she returns several violent action figures.
    Mrs. Lee: Michael Chih Ming Hornbuckle
    Mr. Lee: Yato Yoshida

Mister Diarrhea by Michael Chih Ming Hornbuckle
Synopsis: We started polling our audience members on their favorite skits with this show, a tradition (based on Michael Torres's idea) that has continued to this present day.  Mr. Diarrhea wound up with the most votes for this show and appears occasionally in our Greatest Hits lineup.
    Harriet Byun: Nicole Higashi
    Diarrhea: Yato Yoshida
    Death: Isaac Ho
    Satan: Michael Chih Ming Hornbuckle

Wonderful Family  by Miyuki Fujii
Synopsis: The Japanese American fiancee of a Japanese man meets his strange Japanese family for the first time.
    Todd Nakagawa
    Pearl Wong
    Nicole Higashi
    Yato Yoshida
    Pete Wong
    Michael Chih Ming Hornbuckle
    Isaac Ho
    Rania Ho

I Used to Love Him by Rania Ho
Synopsis: A song that Rania had had in her repertoire previuosly and which she donated to us for this show.
    Lead Singer: Rania Ho
    Backup: Pete Kim
    Backup: Pete Wong
    Backup: Michael Chih Ming Hornbuckle

Dilemma of AA Male by Miyuki Fujii
Synopsis: A skit based on the cowardly ex-boyfriend of Miyuki Fujii.
    Michael Chih Ming Hornbuckle
    Rania Ho
    Pete Wong

Yan Can Counsel by Valiant Chow
Synopsis:  Michael Yan, Martin Yan's younger brother, runs a counseling show in which the solutions to all problems are found in an old Chinese recipe. Based on an improv performed in the lobby of AATC by Michael Chih Ming Hornbuckle and Greg Watanabe. All the callers are named Michael, a gimmick we repeated in "JA Sex Hour" for our Fatty Cat Pippi show in the summer of 1998.
    Michael Yan: Michael Chih Ming Hornbuckle
    Michael: Pete Wong
    Michael: Pete Kim
    Michael: Isaac Ho

Bus Stop by Yato Yoshida
Synopsis: A bizarre encounter at a bus-stop.
    Yato Yoshida
    Michael Chih Ming Hornbuckle

Doughnut by Isaac Ho
Synopsis: A man trying to stay on a diet is tempted by a doughnut.
    Rania Ho
    Michael Chih Ming Hornbuckle
    Yato Yoshida

AA Frankenstein by Miyuki Fujii
Synopsis: 3 Asian American women try to create the perfect Asian American man.
    Pearl Wong
    Rania Ho
    Isaac Ho
    Pete Wong

Superman by Isaac Ho
Synopsis: Superman is on trial for being an illegal alien.
    Superman: Pete Wong
    Director's Assistant: Nicole Higashi
    Director: Yato Yoshida
    Security Guard: Todd Nakagawa
    Judge Lance Ito: Michael Chih Ming Hornbuckle

Sukipratanophile by Michael Chih Ming Hornbuckle
Synopsis: A woman from Sukipratanophile brings her date home where he encounters her brother and insane father.
Author's Note: Corinne Chooey played the role of the father in the skit on Thursdays only, because she was commuting from L.A.
    Todd Nakagawa
    Isaac Ho
    Father: Corinne Chooey/Pearl Wong
    Pete Kim
    Pete Wong
    Yato Yoshida

A John Woo Family Dinner by Valiant Chow
    John Woo: Todd Nakagawa
    Greg: Pete Kim
    Victor: Michael Chih Ming Hornbuckle
    Barney: Yato Yoshida
    Sally: Nicole Higashi
    Marsha: Rania Ho


Phone Call  by Valiant Chow
Synopsis: Imprisoned rockers call home.

17 Brides for 17 Mighty Mountain Warriors by Valiant Chow
Synopsis: Another sequel to the original 18mmw skit based on an idea by Michael Premsrirat. The 18mmw get married.

Paul Simon by Michael Chih Ming Hornbuckle
Synopsis: Paul Simon tackles Peking Opera.

Woo's on First by Michael Chih Ming Hornbuckle
Synopsis: A parody of "Who's on First" with Chinatown gang members.

Secret to Getting Dates by Michael Chih Ming Hornbuckle
Synopsis: A smooth guy shows his pal how to get dates.

(Knuth Hall, SFSU, July 6-8, 13-15 1995 )
TITLE NOTE: The title is anagram for certain people we know. It was proposed by Michael Premsrirat and Yato Yoshida who had scribbled out the anagrams at a restaurant over a year earlier.
Directed by Ron Muriera
    Note: This was our first new production upon leaving the umbrella of the Asian American Theater Company and was a test of fire for us to prove that we could be independent and successfully produce our own show. The show was more successful than we could imagine. In many ways, it was our "Camelot."  We probably have not achieved this level of unity and enthusiasm since this show. We were very lucky to get Ron Muriera to direct this show. A former member of the improv group "The National Theater of the Deranged," Ron had the comedy experience we were looking for.  And by the most remarkable of coincidences, he was looking to get back into comedy when we approached him.

Bruce Can Cook by Michael Chih Ming Hornbuckle
Bruce Lee: Greg Watanabe
Bolo: Michael Chih Ming Hornbuckle

Chinese Food by Michael Chih Ming Hornbuckle
Nicole Higashi
Yato Yoshida
Pete Wong
Earlene Somera

Dilemma of AA Female by Miyuki Fujii
Pearl Wong
Greg Watanabe
Michael Chih Ming Hornbuckle

Reunion by Isaac Ho
Maxine Hong Kingston: Earlene Somera
Amy Tan: Linda Chuan
Gus Lee: Tod Nakagawa
Ben Fong-Torres: Isaac Ho
Frank Chin: Harold Byun

Dipthong by Isaac Ho
Pete Wong
Leo Legaspi
Nicole Higashi

The Famous Relatives Show by Harold Byun
Host: Harold Byun
Yo MaMa: Greg Watanabe
Posse1: Todd Nakagawa
Posse2: Pete Wong

Tang by Michael Premsrirat
Poon-Tang: Earlene Somera
Pete Kim
Leo Legaspi

Secure by Grant Imahara
Pete Kim
Pete Wong
Pearl Wong

Superstar Desu by Rania Ho
Nicoel Higashi
Pearl Wong
Linda Chuan
Rico: Isaac Ho
Matt: Todd Nakagawa

Dueling Drums by Isaac Ho
Drum: Pete Wong
Drum: Michael Chih Ming Hornbuckle
Drummer: Isaac Ho
Drummer: Todd Nakagawa

Sharin'& Carin' with Sharon and Karen by Michael Premsrirat
Linda Chuan
Diana Weng
Greg Watanabe
Leo Legaspi
Lord High Executioner: Michael Chih Ming Hornbuckle
Harold Byun
Michael Premsrirat
Yato Yoshida
Pearl Wong

Convention by Isaac Ho
Pearl Wong
Isaac Ho

Those Nutty Striking Railroad Workers by Michael Chih Ming Hornbuckle
Tzi Ma: Michael Chih Ming Hornbuckle
Hop Sing: Todd Nakagawa
Pete Wong
Pete Kim
Yato Yoshida
Isaac Ho

Dizzyland by Valiant Chow
Greg Watanabe
Diana Weng
Kid: Pete Wong
Kid: Nicole Higashi

Eros & Agape by Michael Premsrirat
Leo Legaspi
Michael Chih Ming Hornbuckle
Cupid: Yato Yoshida
Aphrodite: Diana Weng
Maury Povich: Pete Wong

A John Woo Family Dinner by Valiant Chow
Note:  This skit, being our dependable crowd-pleaser "cult classic" ended the show.
    John Woo: Todd Nakagawa
    Greg: Greg Watanabe
    Victor: Michael Chih Ming Hornbuckle
    Barney: Harold Byun
    Sally: Pearl Wong
    Marsha: Earlene Somera

(McKenna Theater, SFSU August 1995)
The last of Nels Wong "AARisings" music/theater talent showcases.  We actually performed 3 skits in this show: Famous Relatives, Dueling Drums, and a new skit: Milk Does a Body. This was Grant Imahara's second and last produced skit for the 18 Mighty Mountain Warriors and his second and last skit based on fart jokes.

Milk Does a Body by Grant Imahara
Greg Watanabe
Michael Chih Ming Hornbuckle
Nicole Higashi

(Julia Morgan Theater, September 1995)
Directed by Michael Torres
    TITLE NOTE:  At one point this show was called "The Slopes of San Francisco," (Yato Yoshida's idea) which was a play both on "Streets of San Francisco" TV show, the hilly scenery of the city, and the slur "Slopes." There were some objections to this title, so we switched it to the title above (a Harold Byun idea).  Interestingly enough, we later learned that Harold thought an epicanthic fold was double-eyelids. In fact, epicanthic folds are the traditional lidless Asian eyes.  As it stands, the title of the show exhibited racial pride, but Harold's original intention may have been more sardonic.
    Note:  We were invited to perform at the Julia Morgan Theater after its artistic director Bendrew Jong saw us perform in Wumpa Wumpa at SFSU.  The rehearsal time (3 weeks) was one of the shortest periods we've ever had to put up a show. It has been stated that the 2nd weekend of this show was much more polished than the first.  This show elicited a number of mixed responses and was generally considered a "dark" show. Michael Premsrirat, primarily a writer, made his 18mmw acting debut with this show. Though we call this a "new" show, there was in fact some controversy behind the scenes about the material.  And ultimately it was decided to choose material for this production without regards to whether it was new material or previously produced.  For this reason, "Blaine Asakawa's Self-Defense Class" and "Reunion," 2 previously done skits were remounted for this show.
    Actors: Harold Byun, Linda Chuan, Nicole Higash, Isaac Ho,  Michael Chih Ming Hornbuckle, Todd Nakagawa, Earlene Somera, Greg Watanabe, Diana Weng, Pearl Wong, Yato Yoshida
Writers: Harold Byun, Valiant Chow, Isaac Ho, Judy Hamaguchi, Michael Chih Ming Hornbuckle, Michael Premsrirat, Yato Yoshida

Music, Please by Yato Yoshida
Note: This skit was revived for this show after being cut from "In Deep Shabu Shabu."
Samurai 2: Harold Byun
Samurai 1: Greg Watanabe

Big Poo Poo by Premsrirat, Ho, Hornbuckle, Fujii, Yoshida, Chow, Judy Hamaguchi
    Synopsis: Little Johnny has been in the bathroom a longtime and his concerned parents are trying to figure out if there's a problem.
    Note: This was an experimental group-written (round-robin) skit that was created during the first summer of our existence (Summer 1994). Judy Hamaguchi, a non-Rough Edge Writer, non-18 Mighty Mountain Warrior, happened to be hanging around Asian American Theater when we were writing this so she was drafted into the grand experiment.   The reaction to this skit was somewhat negative.  The punchline cannot be repeated here.  This made us consider that perhaps writing a skit round-robin isn't the best way to approach skit-writing.
Dad: Yato Yoshida
Mother Diana Weng
Grandmother: Linda Chuan
Kid: Todd Nakagawa

Rapunzel by Isaac Ho
Prince: Greg Watanabe
Rapunzel: Nicole Higashi

Reunion by Isaac Ho
Frank Chin: Harold Byun
Ben Fong-Torres: Isaac Ho
Amy Tan: Linda Chuan
Maxine Hong Kingston: Earlene Somera
Gus Lee: Todd Nakagawa

Parking by Michael Premsrirat
Mary Poonrat: Diana Weng
Beaver Lee: Greg Watanabe

Sumo, A Love Story by Michael Premsrirat
 Riyuki Fujii: Yato Yoshida
Daigoro Watanabe: Harold
Referee: Isaac
Patron Michael Hornbuckle
Sushi Chef 1: Todd
Sushi Chef 2: Pearl
Fairy: Michael P.

M.A.B. by Harold Byun
Note: This skit was originally titled "The Discussion" and established a classic Harold Byun style skit: 2 or 3 people engaged in a heated argument.
Burt Burrell: Greg Watanabe
John Lee: Michael Hornbuckle
Bill Meyer: Isaac Ho

Angel Island Game by Michael Chih Ming Hornbuckle
Warren Henderson/Interrogator's Voice: Michael Hornbuckle
Tzi Ma: Greg Watanabe
Hop Sing: Yato Yoshida
Mei Ling: Pearl Wong
Deaconness Katherine Maurer: Nicole Higashi
Guard: Todd Nakagawa
Don Pardo (Taped Voice): Michael Chih Ming Hornbuckle

Dr. Bruce & Associates Healthy Hard Body Clinic by Harold Byun
Note: This skit was popularly know as the "Chinese Women's Swim Team" skit.
Le Fei Fong: Harold Byun
Sze Ling Wan: Michael Chih Ming Hornbuckle
Tsun Il Li: Greg Watanabe
Jenny Yamamoto: Pearl Wong
Johnny Wong: Yato Yoshida
Doctor Bruce: Earlene Somera

Fiance by Isaac Ho
Father: Isaac Ho
Daughter: Diana Weng

Persistence by Isaac Ho
Isaac Ho
Todd Nakagawa

Captain Insanity's Playhouse by Michael Chih Ming Hornbuckle
Captain Insanity: Michael Chih Ming Hornbuckle
Mr. Serial Killer: Michael Premsrirat
Missy Multiple: Earlene Somera
Neurotic Asian Female: Diana Weng
Neurotic Asian Male: Yato Yoshida
Bikey the Bicyclist: Todd Nakagawa
Moto the Motorist: Greg Watanabe
Autistic Bear: Isaac Ho
Twinkerbell: Nicole Higashi

White by Isaac Ho
Barney: Isaac Ho
Fred: Harold Byun

Charles Manson School of Dating by Michael Chih Ming Hornbuckle (1st Weekend)
Secret to Getting Dates by Michael Hornbuckle (2nd Weekend)
Charles Manson: Harold Byun
Announcer: Michael Chih Ming Hornbuckle
Woman: Nicole Higashi

Mimi Nagasaki: Oriental Porn Queen by Michael Premsrirat
Mimi Nagasaki: Earlene Somera
Lonnie Nishimoto: Todd Nakagawa
Chauffeur: Nicole Higashi
Pornomaniac: Linda Chuan
Pornomaniac: Isaac Ho
Pornomaniac: Michael Chih Ming Hornbuckle

A John Woo Family Dinner by Valiant Chow
Note: Being our dependable "cult classic," this skit ended the show.
John Woo: Todd Nakagawa
Greg: Greg Watanabe
Victor: Michael Chih Ming Hornbuckle
Barney: Harold Byun
Sally: Pearl Wong
Marsha: Linda Chuan

(Knuth Hall, San Francisco State University, 1996)
Directed by Isaac Ho

Presenting by Linda Chuan

Bartholomew Dugong, Full-Time Professional Actor by Michael Chih Ming Hornbuckle

Display Case Menagerie by Yato Yoshida

The Wonder Twins by Linda Chuan

Mr. Dim Sum by Harold S. Byun

Above us Only Sky by Isaac Ho

First Cut by Michael Premsrirat

Soapy Opera  by Rania Ho

The Female Orgasm Skit by Michael Chih Ming Hornbuckle

The Smell that Makes the Man by Yato Yoshida

Can.Ton.Ese by Michael Chih Ming Hornbuckle

Marge's Marketing Focus Group by Harold S. Byun

Darby's Daily Affirmations by Michael Premsrirat

A John Woo Family Dinner by Valiant Chow

(Theater of Yugen Noh Space, April 1997)
Directed by the ensemble
Lights & Sound: Valiant Chow
Box Office: Victor Kao and Kimberly Kajihara

The 4 Chinese Sisters by Michael Chih Ming Hornbuckle

2 Whiny Asian Guys by Michael Chih Ming Hornbuckle

A Chinese Everything by Michael Chih Ming Hornbuckle

Proper Copulation by Harold S. Byun

Roomies by Yato Yoshida

The Following is a Paid Announcement by Michael Premsrirat

Choices (Part 2) by Linda Chuan

We Love to Sing by Rhoda Gravador

Church by Michael Premsrirat
Reverend: Michael Chih Ming Hornbuckle
Pete Wong
Linda Chuan
Rhoda Gravador
Yato Yoshida

World Cup 2002 by Harold Byun
June: Linda Chuan
Sam Sashimi: Greg Watanabe
Bull Goki: Harold Byun

The Wacky Chinatown Gang Member by Michael Chih Ming Hornbuckle
Mr. Chung: Pete Wong
Colin Wong: Greg Watanabe
Tzi Ma: Michael Chih Ming Hornbuckle
Killer Kwan: Rhoda Gravador
Killer Kong: Todd Nakagawa

(Knuth Hall, San Francisco State University, July 1997)
Directed by the ensemble
Lights: Valiant Chow
Sound: Michael Premsrirat
Note:  On this show we hired on 2 female actors, Maria Lin and veteran actor Mitzi Abe because most of our regular female ensemble performers were not available, because they were either doing other shows or out of the country.  This show was not originally written as a "theme" show, but was reconstructed as one when it was noticed that we touched upon almost every single popular contemporary Asian American issue throughout our skits, from the "fresh kill" controversy in Chinatown to the beatings at Denny's to Tiger Woods to the Rhonert Park killing of Kuan Chung Kao to the American fascination with the Dalai Lama.  The framework structure was based on a skit of Michael Chih Ming Hornbuckle's in which the classic Monkey King characters were placed into a 3 Stooges plot.  We thought this framework would be good because (1) it would capitalize on the buzz surrounding Berkeley Repertory Theater's recent production of "Journey to the West," and (2) the "Journey to the West" title was a great metaphor for the Asian diaspora to America and the Asian American experience.  Of course, not everyone in the group was in agreement that this framework was a great idea. Also evident in this show was a heavy Culture Clash influence. After being exposed to more of their work and collaborating with them on the Multicultural Riot, many of the writers started tackling contemporary issues in their skits.

Opening and Closing Framework by Greg Watanabe (inspired by a skit from Michael Chih Ming Hornbuckle)
Monkey: Greg Watanabe
Piggy: Michael Chih Ming Hornbuckle
Sha-Monk: Todd Nakagawa
Monk: Pete Wong
Boddhisatva: Mitzi Abe

The Evolution of Feminine Hygiene by Rhoda Gravador
Narrator: Mitzi Abe
Woman: Rhoda Gravador
Blood: Pete Wong
Fem Product 1: Todd Nakagawa
Fem Product 2: Greg Watanabe

Asian American Academy Awards by Michael Premsrirat

Power Loungers by Harold S. Byun

Prince of Badminton by Harold S. Byun

Asian Etymology (Slideshow) by Michael Chih Ming Hornbuckle

Thank You! by Michael Chih Ming Hornbuckle
Ad Reader: Maria Lin
Tzi: Greg Watanabe
Dean: Yato Yoshida
Every European Woman: Rhoda Gravador

Buddha's Birthday by Rania Ho

Denny's by Michael Premsrirat

Psalms of Romance  by Harold S. Byun

Tamagochi by Michael Chih Ming Hornbuckle
Johnny D: Michael Chih Ming Hornbuckle
Tamagochi: Todd Nakagawa
Lois: Rhoda Gravador

Lapu Lapu eats Shabu Shabu in Bora Bora by Michael Chih Ming Hornbuckle
Narrator: Michael Premsrirat
Lapu Lapu: Michael Chih Ming Hornbuckle
Yo Yo Ma: Harold Byun
Lisa Lisa: Rhoda Gravador

Rhonert Park Police (Slide Show) by Michael Chih Ming Hornbuckle

Live Animals by Michael Chih Ming Hornbuckle

L.A. Riot Rebellion Rock Opera by Harold S. Byun

July 23-25, 30, 31 August 1, 1998  8:30pm, Preview July 22, 1998
(Knuth Hall, San Francisco State University)
Directed by the writers
Original score and rap by Art Hirahara
Lights: Valiant Chow
Sound: Victor Kao
Box Office: Judy Hamaguchi, Kimberly Kajihara, Eileen Kong, and Nancy Wong
Video: Kimberly Kajihara, Eileen Kong
Concessions: Denise Ho & Tammy Ho

Louie's Oil Lube Laundromat Exterminator Video Shoeshine Chinese American Donut Deli Shop, M.D. by Todd Nakagawa and Rania Ho
Louie:: Todd Nakagawa
Ah Mei: Rania Ho
Hornbuckle: Michael Chih Ming Hornbuckle
Butterworth: Pete Wong
Michelle: Pearl Wong

Mother on My Back by Michael Chih Ming Hornbuckle
Mrs. Wong: Pearl Wong
Tzi Wong: Pete Wong
Rodney: Michael Premsrirat
Pee Boy: Michael Chih Ming Hornbuckle

Harold Byun vs. Li Xuezhao by Michael Chih Ming Hornbuckle
Harold Byun: Harold Byun
Goodpuppy Ho: Rania Ho
Author's Note: This skit had it's genesis when I discovered, while surfing the web, that Chinese women hold all the world records in women's Olympic-style weightlifting.  I thought it would be funny if Harold Byun challenged the smallest of these Chinese women (who, incidentally can clean and jerk 248 pounds) to a contest.  Thematically, this skit is similar to Andy Kaufman's wrestling escapades, particularly when he used to challenge female wrestlers to grappling matches.

The Dirty Nisei by Michael Chih Ming Hornbuckle
Narrator: Harold Byun
Captain Blaine Asakawa: Michael Chih Ming Hornbuckle
Chalky "The Weasel" Hayakawa: Todd Nakagawa
"Moke" Watanabe: Pete Wong
"Hershey" Imahara: Michael Premsrirat
Marguerite Duras: Rhoda Gravador
Author's Note: This skit was pulled from the lineup after Thursday, July 23.  The skit was originally written as a takeoff on Vietnam war movies where we often see American GI's negotiating with Asian prostitutes. In "The Dirty Nisei" I had Japanese American soldiers negotiating with a French prostitute (referred to as a "little white fucking machine," which is a takeoff on what many American military personnel stationed in the Philippines call Philippino and Asian women: "little brown fucking machines"). The problem with the skit, and the reason I wanted it pulled, was that it set up the expectation that it was going to give some humorous insight about the Japanese American World War II experience. It didn't. In this sense, "The Dirty Nisei" was a Part II skit, which might have been more appropriate if presented after a Part I skit dealing more substantially with JA soldiers.  Another problem was that though the intention of getting revenge on Hollywood was a good one, in the end, the woman still ends up being exploited by men.

Unhip by Rania Ho (inspired by Rhoda Gravador & Victor Kao)
Woman: Linda Chuan
Man: Michael Chih Ming Hornbuckle
Oppressed woman: Rhoda Gravador

Paranoid or Political by Harold S. Byun
Test Taker: Harold Byun
Robert E. Lee: Michael Chih Ming Hornbuckle

The Japanese American Sex Hour by Michael P. Premsrirat
Tak Fujimoto: Michael Chih Ming Hornbuckle
Kaz Kimoto: Michael Premsrirat
Caller Michael 1: Pete Wong
Caller Michael 2: Rania Ho
Caller Michael 3: Harold Byun
Caller Michael 4: Rhoda Gravador

The Mad Acupuncturist by Harold S. Byun
Dr Leet: Harold Byun
Bob Lee: Pete Wong
Robbie Tochi: Todd Nakakawa
China the Ninja: Rania Ho
Note: This skit was pulled after the Thursday, July 30 show (the July 30 version was a modified version of the skit).

On & On by Rhoda Gravador (inspired by Chuck Slay)
Couple 1: Rania Ho & Harold Byun
Couple 2: Linda Chuan & Michael Chih Ming Hornbuckle
Filipino servants: Rhoda Gravador & Pete Wong

A Chinatown of the Mind by Michael P. Premsrirat (apologies to David Ives)
Man 1: Michael Premsrirat
Man 2: Michael Chih Ming Hornbuckle
Waiter: Pete Wong
Louie the Chef: Todd Nakagawa
Woman: Rania Ho

Hapaland by Michael Chih Ming Hornbuckle
Beatrice Burrell: Linda Chuan
Furk Teruo Murphy: Todd Nakagawa
Susan Wang: Rhoda Gravador
Matt Sau-Ling Sunshine: Harold Byun
Cholpan Ulzebov: Michael Chih Ming Hornbuckle
Author's Note: This skit was originally written for the Hapa Theater workshop sponsored by the Asian American Theater. No production had resulted from the workshop when Fatty Cat was being written, so I decided to use the skit for an 18mmw production instead.  The first weekend I had a slide of Meg Tilly representing the ideal Hapa woman. She didn't generate much of an audience response, so the 2nd weekend I used a slide of Hapa porn star Asia Carrerra. She elicited more response from the audience, though Russell Wong received the biggest response of all as the ideal Hapa man. The idea for Kazakastan being the country of Hapas came from Rania Ho who, on one of her many excursions to Asia mentioned that the people in Kazakastan were beautiful and all looked Hapa.  My interest in Central Asian countries was the result of meeting this woman from Kyrgstan (just below Kazakastan) who worked briefly as a student assistant in Ethnic Studies where I work. I borrowed her name, Cholpon, for this skit. I had no awareness of these "odd Asians" until this point, and then began investigating strange Asian countries like Tuva, Mongolia, Siberia, Nepal, etc.

Love by Harold S. Byun
Couple 1: Rhoda Gravador & Pete Wong
Couple 2: Linda Chuan & Michael Premsrirat
Couple 3: Pearl Wong & Todd Nakagawa
Joe Kim: Harold Byun
Robert E. Lee: Michael Chih Ming Hornbuckle
China the Ninja: Rania Ho
Scully: Pearl Wong
Louie: Todd Nakagawa
Note: Couple 2 was cut before opening the show. Couple 3 was cut after Thursday, July 23.

Charlie Chan's Angels by Michael Chih Ming Hornbuckle (from ideas by Rhoda Gravador)
Charlie Chan: Harold Byun
Junior: Todd Nakagawa
Muoi: Rania Ho
Hyung-Soon: Pearl Wong
Maritess: Linda Chuan
John Woo: Michael Chih Ming Hornbuckle
Margaret Cho: Rhoda Gravador
Author's Note: I never thought this was a very well-written skit. It was written "on demand" after an idea brainstorming session. In that sense, it was  good practice for TV writing in which a producer will often instruct writers to write a skit on a certain idea. It might be competent  hack, tv writing, but not particularly inspired. In order to make the skit interesting for me and the audience, I filled it with several pop culture icons and had the Angel's undertake a quest that was genuinely meaningful (force John Woo to cast more Asians in his American films).  The ending was kind of a flop, so I incorporated a Harold Byun line at the end about "stockpiling weapons to  kill people to combat the racist infrastructure."

First Experience by Michael Chih Ming Hornbuckle
Willy: Harold Byun
Winston Wong: Pete Wong
Craig Watanabe: Michael Chih Ming Hornbuckle
Marissa Payabyab: Pearl Wong
Author's Note:  This skit was cut from the lineup the Sunday before opening. Though I think many of the points of this skit were valid (that an Asian American man will sometimes be given one chance with a woman, and if that experience is bad, she will swear off Asian American men forever), I didn't want the audience to think I was generalizing, because the skit refers to a certain group of women and frankly, there are women who will give Asian American men infinite chances. Additionally, this is not just an Asian American issue, but applies to all ethnic groups whose members give their opposite gender only one chance to make good, and I didn't think that generality was conveyed.  Lastly, I was tired of writing "Whiny Asian Guy" skits like I had the previous 2 shows ("Thank You!" and "2 Whiny Asian Guys").  Please note that the "bad Asian American male" character in this skit, Willy, was presented as crude, rough and uncouth.

409 by Pete Wong, Todd Nakagawa, Rhoda Gravador, and Michael Premsrirat
409 1: Pete Wong
409 2: Todd Nakagawa
409 3: Rhoda Gravador
409 4: Michael Premsrirat
Note: This skit was cut from the lineup a couple of weeks before opening.  It was a take off on Asian American al capella rhythm and blues singing quads.

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