(his nickname from high school is "Mush" as in "bush" not "lush") is a mean-spirited, vengeful man who often confuses character assassination and vitriolic spew for searing wit. His only saving grace is that he is, by his own estimation, one of the best professional Asian American rock guitarists in the nation. A dubious distinction considering that, besides himself, there are only a handful of others he can name.

Premsrirat was a modestly successful video artist in Los Angeles before he shot himself in the foot and left Southern California. His video works had appeared in a number of festivals around the nation, including Freewaves from J-Town (Los Angeles), Asian Cinevision’s Videoscapes (New York), ’ Asian Pacific American Film Festival (Los Angeles) and ’s San Francisco International Asian American Film Festival. He moved to San Francisco to play alterna-pop and follow his dreams of stardom, drugs and groupies. Unfortunately, the band broke up. No stardom. No drugs. No groupies.

Currently, he is a writer, sound designer and occasional performer with The 18 Mighty Mountain Warriors, a highly successful Asian Pacific Islander American sketch comedy group. The 18 Mighty Mountain Warriors have produced a number of feature presentations in the Bay Area, have toured nationally and have been featured artists at the last two Hong Kong Fringe Arts Festivals.

Other Bay Area theater work included a year as a compañero of Campo Santo, a resident theater company of Intersection for the Arts, and two-and-a-half years as Marketing Director for Asian American Theater Company.

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