Unofficial Bio

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Michael Chih Ming Hornbuckle has been with this bunch of misfits from the very beginning, when Greg Watanabe approached him at the Asian American Theater Company one night with a gleam in his eyes and a stain on his pants and said "Hey, do you want to start an Asian American Saturday Night Live kind of group?"

Since then, he has held the distinction of being present at every single 18 Mighty Mountain Warrior production (local or out of state) since the group was formed that fateful summer of 1994.

To yell at him personally, you can e-mail him at . Do it. He needs the abuse.

Official Bio

Michael Chih Ming Hornbuckle, one of the group?s founding members, is a late bloomer in theater. He became involved in the performing arts after receiving his Bachelor?s degree in Computer Science and, as an undeclared graduate student, went through San Francisco State University?s entire Theater Arts acting program in three years. His diverse acting résumé includes the role of ?Jeff? in Philip Kan Gotanda?s Day Standing on its Head, the role of ?Tzi Ma? in Rainbow Theater?s production of David Henry Hwang?s The Dance and the Railroad, and Asian American Theater Company?s world premiere of Harold S. Byun?s The Butcher?s Burden. He?s served behind the scenes as Production Manager for Rainbow Theater and Asian American Theater Company, and he is now firmly ensconced with the 18 Mighty Mountain Warriors as a performer, writer and administrator.