Unofficial Bio

He has no morals and likes to drink and smoke.  He values everything in life in terms of how much alcohol can be purchased with it. He likes to ask people if he has a chip on his shoulder and when they say yes, he badgers them to explain further. 

In the past, he would often pull his pants down, but this is no longer true.

Official Bio

Harold S. Byun has been acting and writing with the 18 Mighty Mountain Warriors since the beginning. He has also appeared in American Seoul (a collection of Korean American prose and poetry) at Asian American Theater Company, Karen Amano?s Under Western Eyes for Thick Description, Nash Bridges, as well as several regional commercials and industrials. In 1999, Asian American Theater Company produced his first full length play, entitled The Butcher?s Burden, and his poetry has been published in a number of journals.

Visit his web page at Harold's House o' Fun.